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Improve Your Diet with Chia Nutrition

Posted on: May 30th, 2013 by wayne

The easier it is to incorporate a food into your diet, the more likely it will be used. Chia nutrition is just part of the reason the seed is making a return to popularity. Not only does it contain more omega-3 fatty acids than any other plant, it is also antioxidant-rich. Those antioxidants are what keep the omega-3 fatty acids stable so that chia seed is not only a versatile ingredient, but one that can be used alone or in a number of different ways.

Chia’s nutritional components are easy to take advantage of. The structure of the seed allows it to be sprinkled on food, incorporated into recipes, or mixed into drinks, either whole or milled. You can eat the seeds in their natural form without breaking the outer coat. You can also purchase products at AZChia that contain chia such as bars which give you more ways to get the fiber, protein, antioxidants and omega-3 that can play an important role in any healthy diet. The fact that chia is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product means that you can enjoy without being concerned about contamination or depleting the earth’s resources.

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