How CHIA compares to some other foods

(using USDA data for them) on a 100 g basis

(colored cells used for the comparisons)


Compared Tovalue ofTimes Morevalue ofTimes MoreUSDA Chia SeedAtlantic Farmed SalmonAtlantic Wild SalmonRaw BlueberriesBroccoliWhole MilkSpinachBananasFlaxBran FlakesRaw Kidney

BeansOrangesAsparagusTotal omega3 (g)Salmon20.38-9 X17.557-8 X17.552.262.5860.0580.0210.0750.1380.02722.80.070.1690.0070.01Magnesium (mg)Broccoli  46622 XNot listed3037621107927392214211014Calcium (mg)Whole Milk  6315.6 X631151564711399525556174024Vitamin C (mg)Oranges  < 1Less ThanNot listed3.709.789.2028.18.70.6038.753.25.6Iron (mg)Spinach  6.52.4 XNot listed0.341.030.280.730.032.710.265.7270.810.12.14Potassium (mg)Bananas  160Less Than16038462877316143558358813616187181202Selenium (mcg)Flax   Less ThanNot listed41.446. Fiber (g)Flax35.91.3 X33.71.2 X37.7002.42.602.22.627.3 Fiber (g)Bran Flakes 2.0 X 1.9 X         17.6   Protein (g)Kidney Beans19.84.7 X20.74.9 X15.6222.125.440.742.823.222.861.0918. (mcg)Asparagus  2785.3 XNot listed34296635194208719593052PhosphorusMilk  94810.4 X     91       ORAC Total (umol TE/100 g) **Blueberries6500 **equal     65521362 1515879  845918192150

* Per Wilderness Family Naturals Website

** Few companies list this for chia – Value appears to be around 6500

*** Average from chia websites & labels listed on Table 2