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Chia Seeds – Side Effects Are Minimal

Posted on: June 21st, 2013 by wayne

Any time you take a natural supplement, there are concerns about potential side effects. Plants and plant products have innate properties that can result in side effects that may be less-than-desirable. Although there are some circumstances that can produce undesirable chia seed side effects, they are minimal in comparison to others which also lack the nutritional benefits that are obtained through taking chia. Remember that chia is a food, as classified by FDA in 2005, so you can consume as much as you like, without concern.

Those people who have been on a low fiber diet prior to eating chia are more likely to experience these chia seeds side effects. Reducing the amount of chia you eat will give your body more time to adjust to the new diet. Fiber is the common ingredient used to increase bowel movements and it is the component of chia that can cause problems if you aren’t accustomed to it. Drinking a lot of fluids when eating chia is another important step towards preventing side effects, since the seeds absorb a lot of liquid. When it absorbs all of the liquids in your stomach, cramping can result. Simply adding plenty of liquids to your diet and adjusting the amount of chia you consume should make consuming chia side effect free!

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